Our Founder Rob Trotter Speaks with NPR

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

Our Founder Rob Trotter Speaks with NPR

Recently, our owner Rob Trotter was featured on Colorado Public Radio’s On Something podcast; the show centers around journalist Ann Marie Awad’s personal stories behind the political, legal and cultural effects of cannabis legalization. 

The industry as a whole currently has tremendous waste, energy expenditure, and harmful pesticide use, and therefore advocates are looking for natural alternatives. In this episode, Awad and environmental reporter Grace Hood visit the TNT ranch to find out more about our “zero carbon footprint and zero chemical” philosophy.

Our Process

During the podcast, Rob touches on the specific conditions that make our seedlings bloom into such amazing medicine. Being nestled right next to the Rockies makes the climate very similar to that of Afghanistan. As Rob explains, this was the reasoning behind attempting a cannabis grow in our particular location. Amidst thousands of new plants getting ready for the growing season, and the countless ladybugs employed to combat unwanted pests, the reporters got a firsthand look into our process. 


About Rob

Hood and Awad also delve into Rob’s personal history, his reasons for wanting to cultivate marijuana, his humble beginnings, and the trials and pitfalls that have happened along the way. His story (and ours) is an amazing one, and this podcast is a thorough, thoughtful gaze into our world. 

Here at Pot Zero, we believe the more information the better, and supporting programs such as On Something is extremely important. So, If you’ve got a few minutes to spare – check this one out, and if you enjoy it, be sure to subscribe!