Cannacompounds, Cultivars & CBG

Here at Pot Zero, our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible cannabis-based medicine to fulfill their recreational smoking and pain management needs. With so much current hustle and bustle in the legal cannabis industry, it’s quite easy to be led astray when it comes to choosing the right product for your particular situation. There are many aspects about what we do (and how we do it) that set us apart from others in the industry, and especially from our indoor cultivation counterparts. This series of ongoing blogs is intended to illuminate our process while discussing other vital components within the cannabis world.

Our unique positioning on Colorado’s western slope harnesses the awesome power of nature when given the chance to work its magic. Our name is derived from our  “Zero Carbon Footprint & Zero Chemical Cultivation” model, and is a one-of-a-kind alternative to wasteful, toxic, and ultimately unsustainable operations. When we started in 2014, our aim was to be the premier organic cultivator, a goal that was quickly achieved and remains to this day. But what, you may be asking, really sets us apart from the rest?

Keep reading as we discuss the holistic features of our strains (or cultivars), and the role of the cannacompound CBG as medicine.

Featured Strains (Cultivars)

The term ‘strain’ had been adopted by the marijuana community long before the recent boom of legal industry. While being useful in some ways to categorize cannabis, the discerning cannabis enthusiast will do well to consider the term ‘cultivar’. A strain is a genetic variant of a type of bacteria, virus of fungus. In contrast, ‘cultivar’ (as the word suggests) is rather a calculated breeding/cultivation done over time. In this case, phenotypes are carefully assessed and propagated based on their usefulness. Of course, the use of the term ‘cultivar’ may take a while to catch on, however we believe this distinction is important in working to remove the stigma of cannabis.

Our Bubba Kush is an old classic. Its heavy indica profile combined with delicious fruity, earthy notes makes for a total body high that is a dream to experience. Smoking this flower will make you relaxed, sleepy, and hungry, so for those looking to recuperate inside or poolside – this one is an ideal choice.

Axilla, our decidedly ‘phishy’ indica is another couchlock-inducing cultivar, great for evening usage and helps with chronic pain, injury, stress and nausea, making it quite the holistic alternative to other pharmaceutical medications.

Why is CBG important?

CBG, or cannabigerol is the next in a series of cannabinoids to be studied closely by researchers looking for more evidence of the positive effects of cannabis. In our previous blog, we discussed the role of CBG in aiding anxiety and paranoia, as well as many other uses. Our high CBGA-content flower is the result of some happy accidents that befell our ranch. The stress of two major early blizzards coupled with light deprivation and other issues made it ideal for the cannabigerol to really flourish in the plants, and we couldn’t be more glad. Due to seemingly disastrous circumstances we are able to provide you with even more relief and comfort. In a recent study done by Spanish researchers, the aim was to “investigate in parallel the binding of CBG to cannabinoid CB1 and CB2 receptors”, and the results are overwhelmingly positive. With science in our corner, we are now able to isolate and scrutinize all the cannabinoids this ‘miracle’ cannabis plant contains, and here at Pot Zero we couldn’t be more proud to offer such amazing medicine.