Pot Zero: Organic Cannabis for Your Health

Recent state-led cannabis legalization has ushered in an era full of development, innovation, and a brave new world of self-care. Throughout the country, new cannabis products, technology, dispensaries, and subcultures are ‘budding’ with seemingly no end in sight. However, it’s important to understand that none of these things would be happening if it weren’t for the most vital parts of this entire process: the growers and their grow ops.

It’s true that “necessity is the mother of invention”, but this idiom also works in the reciprocal. In the case of the legal cannabis industry, it seems that nowadays invention has bred necessity, and not always in the best ways. With increased demand comes the inevitable emergence of companies eager to capitalize on this new market. With new attractive looking nutrients, dangerous pesticides, and toxin-loaded bloom supplements, it’s easy for contemporary growers to fall into a trap. Here at Pot Zero, we’re proud to stay committed to our “Zero/Zero” (zero carbon footprint and zero chemical) philosophy, offering our clients unbeatable organic medicine fueled by fresh water from the majestic Rocky Mountains.

When we started Pot Zero in 2015, we set out to be the first and only completely zero carbon footprint marijuana farm. Since then, we’ve consistently upheld our model, winning awards and perfecting our craft so that we could deliver cutting edge cannabis through cutting edge organic methods. Keep reading as we break down the history of organic farming/pesticides, and what exactly makes our Pot Zero bud #1 in the game.

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Origins: Ancient Organic Farming & Pesticides

Humans have been farming organically for longer than anyone can remember. Until the mid- twentieth century, the concept of pesticides was tackled through the use of natural resources and at the most, certain poisonous plants. Accounts of traditional (or organic) farming methods in ancient India recall the use of biodynamic farming, hona farming, green manuring and cover cropping, crop rotation and polyculture, composting and many more techniques that are still being utilized today.

Perhaps the most infamous modern pesticide is DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane). Discovered in 1939 by Swiss biochemist Paul Hermann Müller, this pesticide revolutionized contemporary disease-prevention, more specifically with insect-borne diseases such as malaria, typhus, and yellow fever. However, as widespread use grew, the effects on ecosystems were abundantly clear, and the substance was banned in the United States in 1972. Although this ban certainly hailed progress for organic farming, in the US and throughout the world, the use of other harmful and dangerous pesticides is still prevalent.

Though steps are surely being taken by government agencies to protect our food, with this new legal cannabis market it’s sometimes difficult to do the same. With Pot Zero, you can be absolutely sure that what you’re getting is entirely organic and safe (with nature to prove it!).

What Makes Pot Zero uniquely organic?

Here at Pot Zero, we’re proud to be heralding a return to earth-conscious farming methods while providing our clients with unbeatable cannabis. We feel closer to our delicate ecosystems by paying attention to the natural rhythms of the sun, water and soil. With each day, we feel our positive environmental impact uplifting and strengthening the world around us.

What makes us great? All of our operations are powered by our own hydro-electric turbine, with the rest of the electric work and the magic touch being provided by perhaps the most important component of our grow: our Sun. This is 100% sustainable and zero carbon footprint electricity, and we’re the only US cannabis cultivator using it!

What else makes us uniquely organic: our location adjacent to a 12,500 foot mountain, and the myriad of benefits that come with being blessed to receive crystal clear water straight from one of the greatest sources in all of the United States. Check out this video that highlights a bit of our process and gives the viewer a great look at our amazing property. Our mountain loam soil works to feed our cows and horses, thereby creating natural fertilizer. And, most importantly: We use absolutely no chemicals in our cannabis!

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