Organic Harvests & CBN

“Croptober” has come and gone here at TNT Ranch, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to show off this year’s harvest. With cultivars such as Huckleberry, Axilla, Orange Krush, Black Eyed Katy and more, we’re certain this year’s offerings will please everyone, from novice smokers to seasoned connoisseurs. Our confidence stems from our commitment to providing the cleanest, healthiest, and tastiest cannabis in order to improve your quality of personal wellness.

Our zero carbon footprint and zero chemical philosophy extends not only from our hands-on cultivation methods and practices, but also to harvesting. Skilled gardeners and trimmers dedicate many hours to delicately manicuring our cannabis so that we may be able to provide our clients with product that is terpene-rich, looks great, and retains all of the beautiful trichomes that we’ve been working on developing for the entire past year. Keep reading as we discuss harvesting, and the benefits of the cannabinoid CBN.

Mindful Harvesting

At TNT Ranch, the first frost of the year is a big signifier that harvest time is swiftly approaching. Experienced growers will tell you that this time is both the most rewarding, and also the most exhausting part of the grow cycle. Until this point, you’ve been methodically taking care of your plants for over 6 months. From seed to seedling, vegetative stage to flowering stage, there is ample time to make improvements. When it’s harvest time, however, the window of opportunity to get it just right is very small, and so we need “all-hands-on-deck” from our skilled team in order to make it happen.


Many large indoor grow operations need to automate in order to get the job done quickly, often using bulky trim machines that may expedite the process but ultimately lack in trichome retention and overall plant profile. At Pot Zero, our plants are cut down and trimmed by hand, and so what you’re getting is the absolute best our cannabis can be. Our concentrates are therefore that much more effective because we strive to keep as much usable plant matter as possible, making for an increased broad spectrum experience that amplifies the entourage effect.

Benefits of CBN

As you will learn, our cannabis includes not only the main cannabinoid THC, but also many others. In a previous blog we talked about the benefits of the cannabinoid THCV. Let’s now discuss the mildly psychoactive cannabinoid, CBN. CBN (cannabinol) has been recognized as the cannabinoid responsible for the sedative properties of certain types of cannabis. As THC/THCA is developed within the plants, after some time and maximized air exposure, the THCA converts into CBN.


Ideal conditions on our amazing property and the sweeping mountain winds of coming autumn are both crucial components that make our cannabis so rich in CBN. Instead of dangerous pharmaceutical sleep aids that may cause more harm than good, employing natural organic cannabis is certainly the better option. You’ll be doing your body and mind a favor while also enjoying the other incredible benefits of Pot Zero cannabis. Among them: anxiety relief, mood elevation, help with nausea, and many more.

Looking Towards 2020

As we wind down 2019 and work with our recently cut-down plants, we are already thinking of next year and all of the fruitful possibilities to come. We’re always searching for new ways to bring you unparallelled alternative care and looking for new approaches to make our product deliciously organic. From new strains to concentrates, we’re sure to have something for every lover of natural cannabis.


Stay tuned to the Pot Zero blog page for more information and news, and be sure to keep your eyes, ears, and noses peeled for our upcoming dispensary drops!